Which of the Medicare Supplement Plans in 2016 is best?

There are a number of Medicare Supplement plans to choose from. They range from A through N, each with different coverage and each with varying premiums.

The plan that works best for you will depend on a number of factors. While plans like F and G that offer the most coverage may seem appealing, they also come with the highest premiums. These premiums and the rates you pay for them will vary by insurance provider.

While these two are the most popular Medicare Supplement plans, they may provide coverage you don’t need. If you are relatively healthy and do not expect to have to pay for emergency care or other unexpected medical expenses in the near future then these Medicare Supplement plans in 2016 may not be right for you.

There is no point in breaking your budget just to have full medical coverage. Most people can get by just fine with a plan like K, L, and N. These plans provide minimal coverage, but they also come with lower premiums.

Consider both your current health status and what you can afford before choosing Medicare Supplement plans.If you don’t like the plan you do go with or realize you need more or less coverage as your situation changes, then you can change your Medicare Supplement plans to one that suits your better.

As you grow older, your health may deteriorate, and you may find that you need a plan with increased coverage. Or you may find that you are getting more coverage than you need and your health is in better shape than you first thought. Whatever the case, make sure you are on the plan that best suits your needs.

The Fundamentals of Senior Health Insurance

Retirement is a time almost every American looks forward too. When one thinks of retirement, one may envision spending all day fishing on a lake, gardening or taking exotic vacations. Now a day not every retired American has the luxury of being able to afford the extras that are supposed to make retirement great. One problem people in retirement have to deal with is health insurance; there are two options for seniors. These options are Medicare, with a Medicare supplement (Medigap) or Medicare Advantage plan.

medicare and youMedicare with a Medicare supplement insurance is called Medigap. Medicare insurance doesn’t cover copayments and deductibles. Medigap will pick up some of the extra cost regular Medicare will not cover. However to receive Medigap the patient must have Medicare part A and B. You’re not allowed to have Medicare Advantage and Medigap at the same time. If you’re using Medicare Advantage you must stop before Medigap begins. Despite what man think the Best rated Medicare supplement plans are not changing. Medigap only covers one patient, this means your spouse will need to file separately.

Medicare Advantage plan is private insurance that provides a patient with the benefits of part A and B. Medicare Advantage Plan offers options: preferred provider organization, Medicare medical savings account and special needs programs. Most Medicare Advantage Plans will offer prescription drug coverage. Similar to Medigap you must have part A and B.

When choosing which option you and your spouse will choose. You must take into considerations the advantages and disadvantages of both. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan you can’t use Medigap without giving up the advantage plan. Medigap has several supplement plans you and your spouse can choose from. Medicare with a Medicare supplement is definitely the way to go!

Obamacare Has Many Hidden Agendas

The real effects of this sinister plan must have a serious look. This concerns the effects of mainstream medicine. This sell-out press is refusing to bring any truth to light.
Not too long ago, Alex Jones on his radio show (The Alex Jones Radio Show) discussed a case about a young boy from Michigan; Jacob Stieler His story involves being forced to take chemo treatments even after showing no signs of cancer. His mother was being forced to put her son on chemo therapy. Chemo will kill, especially if no signs of cancer are present. Latest scans show he boy still had no cancer.

His could be a prelude to what is in store under obama care. In 2014 the law will be in full effect; this is where the “share -care” inhumanitarian mask will come off.

Homeland-SecurityThe US Dept. of HHS is under orders to build a complete data base of for every disease-label under the sun so that everyone in the insurance plan in America, will against their will be forced to take whatever medication any doctor tells them to take.

As a bonus, any unapproved treatments such as natural ways to treat cancer like healthy diets, exercise and positive mind, body and spirit therapy which have been proven to work will be banned. Anyone who tries these unapproved or no longer approved –techniques will find themselves summarily punished. Seniors aren’t being affected nearly as much while being on regular Medicare. Finding the best Medigap Plans 2016 can be a challenge but it’s worth the effort to save money.

This is only a fraction of the hidden agenda of Obamacare. The Bill was 2500 pages in the beginning, but is now over 4000 pages long. This is what it will morph into in the future.
The Journal of American Medical Association reported in July 26, 2000, about a landmark paper published by Dr. Barbara Starfield of Johns Hopkins School of Public Health stated that the US health system is truly the best in the world, yet Starfield revealed what was already known by people of the medical establishment, that the medical system was killing huge numbers of people.

This makes cancer just slightly the leader in deaths over the medical profession.